(Adopted 1992, amended 1996, 1998, 2004 and 2007)

1. Name

The name of the Association shall be the EUROPEAN CUSTOMS SPORTS ASSOCIATION hereinafter referred to as “The Association”.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. To encourage sports and recreation between Customs personnel of European countries.
  2. To facilitate links between sports associations and sports bodies for Customs and associated personnel within European countries.
  3. To encourage mutual understanding between Customs officials, strengthen team spirit and build a positive image of Customs.

3. Membership

  1. The Customs Sports Associations of all European countries and any other organisation agreed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) are eligible to affiliate to the Association. Each shall pay an annual subscription as the AGM shall decide.
  2. Any member country wishing to withdraw from the Association shall give two months written notice to the Executive Committee.
  3. In case of a serious violation of this Constitution or of the Association’s policies the Executive Committee may recommend to the AGM the expulsion of the offending member country.  The AGM shall have the final decision.

4. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  1. One representative from each member country shall be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.
  2. The AGM shall meet as frequently as necessary, but not less than once per calendar year.
  3. Meetings shall be held in each member country, on a rotational basis as decided by the AGM.
  4. Resolutions and items for the agenda shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least two months before the date of the meeting.  The agenda shall be circulated at least 21 days before the date of the meeting to all member countries.
  5. Resolutions and elections to the Executive Committee shall be decided by a majority of representatives from each member country. The President shall have an ordinary vote and in the event of a tie shall have a casting vote.
  6. Observers and Honorary Vice Presidents may attend meetings at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

5. Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three other elected members. Executive Committee members shall serve for a maximum of four years and may be re-elected for one further period of four years. 
  2. Nominees shall agree to stand for office.
  3. The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The Executive Committee shall make and implement such plans as are necessary to further the objectives of the Association and shall report on such to the AGM.
  5. The Executive Committee may appoint Honorary Vice Presidents to the Association.  These shall be honorary positions with no executive powers.
  6. The Executive Committee shall seek to take its decisions by consensus. If this shall not be possible a vote shall be taken.  If there shall be a tie, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
  7. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall act as President. In the absence of the Vice President, another member of the Executive Committee may act as President.
  8. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt a maximum of two additional members to serve.


6. Finance

  1. The funds of the Association shall be administered by the Treasurer acting under the instructions of the AGM.
  2. The accounts of the Association shall be examined and audited annually by two persons nominated by the AGM.
  3. Travel and accommodation expenses to attend meetings shall be the responsibility of the individual member countries or observers as appropriate.
  4. In the event of non-payment of subscriptions, the Executive Committee shall have the power to impose such sanctions as provided for in the Rules. 

7. Association

The Association may affiliate to organisations having similar objectives.

8. Rules

The Executive Committee shall have the authority to make Rules on matters where the Constitution is silent.

9. Amendment of Constitution

This Constitution shall not be amended except by a majority of two thirds of the representatives present and voting at the AGM.




United Kingdom

Inaugural meeting of ECSA


December 4th


The Netherlands

First executive meeting


January 26th


United Kingdom

2nd executive meeting


May 17th




1992 EGM United Kingdom Inaugural meeting London Heathrow
1993 EC Netherlands Jack Bugge  (GB) Arnhem
1993 EC United Kingdom Jack Bugge  (GB) London Heathrow
1994 EC The Netherlands Bas van den Broek (NL) Hoofddorp
1995 EC Denmark André Geeraerts (BE) Copenhagen
1996 EC Sweden André Geeraerts (BE) Stockholm
1996 EC United Kingdom André Geeraerts (BE) Liverpool
1997 AGM Italy Billy Robb (GB) Rome
1998 EC Scotland Billy Robb (GB) Largs
1998 EC The Netherlands Billy Robb (GB) Nijmegen
1998 AGM Ireland Billy Robb (GB) Dublin
1999 EC Finland Billy Robb (GB) Imatra
1999 EC The Netherlands Billy Robb (GB) Amsterdam
1999 AGM CzechRepublic Billy Robb (GB) Prague
2000 EC United Kingdom Billy Robb (GB) Gibraltar
2000 EC France Billy Robb (GB) Paris
2000 AGM Hungary Billy Robb (GB) Budapest
2001 EC The Netherlands Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Almen
2001 EC Poland Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Warsaw
2001 AGM Ireland Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Dublin
2002 EC Hungary Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Heviz
2002 EC Germany Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Koln
2002 AGM France Mick O’Hanlon (IE) La Rochelle
2003 EC Finland Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Imatra
2003 EC Belgium Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Brussels
2003 AGM Denmark Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Copenhagen
2004 EC United Kingdom Mick O’Hanlon (IE) London
2004 EC Czech Republic Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Prague
2004 AGM Italy Mick O’Hanlon (IE) Naples
2005 EC Poland Lieven Muylaert (BE) Warsaw
2005 AGM The Netherlands Lieven Muylaert (BE) Amsterdam
2006 EC Finland Lieven Muylaert (BE) Lahti
2006 EC Luxembourg Lieven Muylaert (BE) Luxembourg
2006 AGM France Lieven Muylaert (BE) Nice
2007 EC Sweden Lieven Muylaert (BE) Stockholm
2007 EC United Kingdom Lieven Muylaert (BE) London
2007 AGM Hungary Lasse Lehtokangas (FI) Heviz
2008 EC Latvia Lasse Lehtokangas (FI) Riga
2008 EC France Lieven Muylaert (BE) Nice
2008 AGM CzechRepublic Lieven Muylaert (BE) Hluboka nad Vltavou
2009 EC Belgium Theo de Goeijen (NL) Brussels
2009 EC Denmark Theo de Goeijen (NL) Hillerod
2009 AGM Austria Theo de Goeijen (NL) Vienna
2010 EC Malta Theo de Goeijen (NL) St George’s Bay
2010 EC Luxembourg Theo de Goeijen (NL) Luxembourg
2010 AGM Belgium Theo de Goeijen (NL) Brussels
2011 EC UK Theo de Goeijen (NL) Wembley
2011 EC Poland Theo de Goeijen (NL) Swider
2011 AGM Finland Theo de Goeijen (NL) Helsinki
2012 EC Germany Theo de Goeijen (NL) Cologne
2012 EC Italy Theo de Goeijen (NL) Rome
2012 AGM Luxembourg Theo de Goeijen (NL) Luxembourg
2013 EC CzechRepublic Jan Hlinka (CZ) Prague
2013 EC Belgium Jan Hlinka (CZ) Brussels
2013 AGM Malta Jan Hlinka (CZ) Valletta
2014 EC United Kingdom Jan Hlinka (CZ) Bournemouth
2014 EC Germany Jan Hlinka (CZ) Cologne
2014 AGM Hungary Jan Hlinka (CZ) Budapest
2015 EC Ireland Jan Hlinka (CZ) Dublin
2015 EC Lithuania Jan Hlinka (CZ) Vilnius
2015 AGM Netherlands Jan Hlinka (CZ) Rotterdam 
2016 EC United Kingdom Jan Hlinka (CZ) Bournemouth
2016 EC Cyprus Jan Hlinka (CZ) Nicosia
2016 AGM Poland Jan Hlinka (CZ) Krakow
2017 EC Norway Jan Hlinka (CZ) Oslo
2017 EC Latvia Jan Hlinka (CZ) Riga
2017 AGM France Jan Hlinka (CZ) Bordeaux
2018 EC Italy Jan Hlinka (CZ) Rome
2018 EC Luxembourg Jan Hlinka (CZ) Stegen
2018 AGM Germany Jan Hlinka (CZ) Hamburg

Analysis by Member State

Member State Executive Committee Annual General Meeting
Austria   2009
Belgium 2003/2009/2013 2010
Czech Republic 2004/2013 1999/2008
Cyprus 2016  
Denmark 1995/2009 2003
Finland 1999/2003/2006 2011
France 2000/2008 2002/2006/2017
Germany 2002/2012/2014 2018
Hungary 2002 2000/2007/2014
Ireland 2015 1998/2001
Italy 1997/2012/2018 1997/2004
Latvia 2008/2017  
Lithuania 2015  
Luxembourg 2006/2010/2018 2012
Malta 2010 2013
Netherlands 1994/1998/1999/2001 2005/2015
Norway 2017  
Poland 2001/2005/2011 2016
Sweden 1996/2007  
United Kingdom 1992/1993/1994/1996/1998/2000/2004/2007/2011/2014/2016  
Austria Belgium Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark EU-observer
Finland  France Germany
Hungary Ireland
Latvia              Lithuania            Luxembourg     Malta Netherlands Norway            
Poland Slovakia Sweden Turkey United Kingdom