ecsa anniversary
If you work in customs and you and your colleagues are interested in sport, then ECSA may be of interest to you. ECSA wants to increase sporting contact between its member countries. ECSA wants to ensure that the men and women who serve in customs and tax offices throughout Europe are made aware of the sporting possibilities that exist for them. For more information please click here.

Our 25th anniversary AGM took place at beautiful city of Bordeaux on 20th of October 2017.

New ECSA representative of France, Mr. Cédric Orgeret had organized the meeting with a great professionalism together with his colleagues.

During the meeting we discussed about upcoming events, elections and various other topics. We also voted for the winner of Fitness Week photography competition. Pictures from Denmark, Czech Republic and Sweden got same amount of votes. The meeting decided to recognize all three pictures with a €50 prize.

Andrea Scott-Lewis was elected as new secretary.

It was also decided that Richard Dowling as a former officer would remain on the EC as a non-voting member for one further year.

Marco Paladino’s second four-year term as an Ordinary Member of the EC was concluding and he was not eligible to stand for re-election. Since there were no candidates to replace Mr Paladino, the EC had agreed to co-opt Mr. Paladino back onto the committee, to handle communications.

You can read more about the meeting from Minutes.

Contact person is our president, Mr. Jan Hlinka from Czech Republic. You can reach him easies with email; hlinka[at] or by calling +420261332134.


Guidelines - financial subventions for events, ver. 1.1.

Statement in the rules:

6.6 A Member State, which organizes more than one sports meeting, may only receive a financial subvention for one event. The Member State may choose to which event the subvention shall be given.

6.7 The AGM shall decide by majority vote the financial subvention to be given to each event.

To help the AGM voting further guidelines are required.

The statement in the rule, 6.6 means a financial subvention for one event each year.

The guidelines must deal with

  • individual participants and teams;
  • new and experienced organisers;
  • first time event (new events) or established events;
  • cheap or expensive venues.

The purpose of having guidelines for subventions is

  • to encourage new events
  • to encourage Member States to host their first event
  • to encourage Member States to apply for subventions
  • to be more flexible in granting subventions

Granting of subventions will always be subject to the availability of finance and must bring clear, stated benefits for the European Customs Sports Association.

The general guiding principle is that subventions are given on the basis of a specific amount per head with a cap on the total amount of the subvention.

Guidelines for subvention

Subvention can be applied for by member countries who are organizing an event for the first time, or by member countries who are organizing an event which has not been laid on by ECSA before.

If a member state is organizing more than one sports event, a subvention can only be given for one event, the member state choosing to which event the subvention shall be given.

Subventions can only be given in respect of ECSA events, as decided by a previous annual general meeting

Applications for financial subventions must be submitted to the president of ECSA in good time before the spring EC meeting in the year in which a decision is required. Applications must use the standard template.

As an example, a possible subvention could be:

10 EUROs per individual with a maximum of 750 EUROs for one event.

The Executive Committee shall deal with the application in the last meeting before the AGM and give its recommendation(s). This information must be sent to participants at the AGM as part of the AGM documentation.



10 teams with each 10 players. 2 teams from the organizing member state.

Subvention: 80 foreign players x €10 = 800 EUROs but capped at 750 EUROs


15 teams with each 4 players. 5 teams from the organizing member state.

Subvention: 40 foreign players x €10 = 400 EUROs. Possible subvention is 400 EUROs


12 teams with each 6 players. 2 teams from the organizing member state.

Subvention: 60 foreign x €10 = 600 EUROs. Possible subvention is 600 EUROs.


100 individual participants. 45 from the organizing member state.

Subvention: 55 foreign players x €10 = 550 EUROs. Possible subvention is 550 EUROs.

The subventions cap may be varied at any time by the EC.

Subvention application template (word-file)

About the 100th edition of the 4 days marches

“Can you get five Customs colleagues to walk an extra lap of 50 km during the 100th edition of the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen?”

nijmegen 2016 01

This question was asked to me by the organising team of the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen around the end of 2015. To walk 50 kilometres a day for four days straight is already a great challenge and accomplishment, so to add another 50 km to walk during the night seemed excessive.

As you can understand, my first reaction was.. This is stupid, so who on earth would possibly want to walk another lap of 50 kilometres?