(Adopted 1992, amended 1996, 1998, 2004, 2007, 2019, 2020 and 2023)


1. Name


The name of the Association shall be the EUROPEAN CUSTOMS SPORTS ASSOCIATION or ECSA hereinafter referred to as “The Association”.


2. Registered Office


The registered office of the association is:

22, rue de Bitbourg




3. Objectives


The objectives of the Association shall be:


a)   To encourage sports and recreation between Customs personnel of European countries.

b)   To facilitate links between sports associations and sports bodies for Customs and associated personnel within European countries.

c)    To encourage mutual understanding between Customs officials, strengthen team spirit and build a positive image of Customs.


4. Membership


a)   The Customs Sports Associations of all European countries and any other organisation agreed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) are eligible to affiliate to the Association.  Each shall pay an annual subscription as the AGM shall decide, with a maximum annual fee of 300 euro.

b)   Any member country wishing to withdraw from the Association shall give two months written notice to the Executive Committee.

c)    In case of a serious violation of this Constitution or of the Association’s policies the Executive Committee may recommend to the AGM the expulsion of the offending member country.  The AGM shall have the final decision.

d)   The minimum number of members in the association is two.


5. Annual General Meeting (AGM)


a)   One representative from each member country shall be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.

b)   The AGM shall meet as frequently as necessary, but not less than once per calendar year.

c)    Meetings shall be held in each member country, on a rotational basis as decided by the AGM.

d)   Resolutions and items for the agenda shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least two months before the date of the meeting.  The agenda shall be circulated at least 21 days before the date of the meeting to all member countries.

e)   Resolutions and elections to the Executive Committee shall be decided by a majority of representatives from each member country. The Meeting Chair shall have an ordinary vote and in the event of a tie shall have a casting vote.

f)    Observers and Honorary Vice Presidents may attend meetings at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

g)   Decisions made on the AGM are published on the website of the association.


6. Executive Committee


a)   The Executive Committee of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three other elected members.   Executive Committee members shall serve for a maximum of four years and may be re-elected for one further period of four years. In case of certain special circumstances, the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary can be nominated for an additional period of 4 years. The nomination must be agreed of the EC. Circumstances must be presented to and agreed of the AGM.

b)   Nominees shall agree to stand for office.

c)    The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

d)   The Executive Committee shall make and implement such plans as are necessary to further the objectives of the Association and shall report on such to the AGM.

e)   The Executive Committee may appoint Honorary Vice Presidents to the Association.  These shall be honorary positions with no executive powers.

f)    The Executive Committee shall seek to take its decisions by consensus. If this shall not be possible a vote shall be taken.  If there shall be a tie, the Meeting Chair shall have the casting vote.

g)   In the absence of the President, another member of the Executive Committee may act as Meeting Chair.

h)   The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt a maximum of two additional members to serve.

i)     The Executive Committee shall have the power to make such regulations as it considers necessary regarding matters on which this Constitution is silent.


7. Finance


a)   The funds of the Association shall be administered by the Treasurer acting under the instructions of the AGM.

b)   The accounts of the Association shall be examined and audited annually by two persons nominated by the AGM.

c)    Travel and accommodation expenses to attend meetings shall be the responsibility of the individual member countries or observers as appropriate. 

d)    In the event of non-payment of subscriptions, the Executive Committee shall have the power to impose such sanctions as provided for in the Rules. 

e)   If the Association is dissolved, any assets remaining after the payment of debts will be transferred to any successor organisation or donated to the Doctors Without Borders non-profit organisation.


8. Association


The Association may affiliate to organisations having similar objectives.


9. Rules


The Executive Committee shall have the authority to make Rules on matters where the Constitution is silent.


10. Amendment of Constitution


These Rules shall not be amended except by a majority of two thirds of the representatives present and voting at the AGM.