Criteria for ECSA Medal of Honour:

Annual nominations from ECSA Member State representatives or Executive Committee members to the Executive Committee for consideration for award at the next available Annual General Meeting. (Option of a silver or gold medal as in Finland would mean that we could grade the awards).

This should include the following:

  1. Outstanding contribution to ECSA over a number of years, either for general activities or in one particular area.
  2. Dedicated service at national level – putting in time and effort beyond the normal call of duty to achieve good results for ECSA. 
  3. It is intended that the scheme is primarily to acknowledge the efforts of organisers rather than competitors although excellent sporting achievements will also be considered.
  4. Any Member State representative can nominate any other member for a Medal of Honour by writing to the ECSA President or Secretary. Members of the EC will consider the nomination at their next meeting.
  5. A nominee will only be eligible for one Medal of Honour every five years, with a maximum of four per year being awarded at an AGM. 
  6. It is intended that very careful consideration will be made by the EC to ensure that only exceptionally high standards of effort and achievement are acknowledged through the scheme. 
  7. Any situations not covered by these rules will be dealt with by the EC as they arise. The EC’s decision is final.