Member State


 EC meeting

 Januart / February




 3 - 10.3.2024




 End of March



 One day March

 18 May

 Czech Republic

 Prague 40, 45 and 70 km

 Table tennis

 1st half of May



 Mountain biking


 United Kingdom



 26 May


 Brussels 20k

 EC meeting





 12-13 June




 16 - 19 July



 Fitness week





 5 - 8 September

 Czech Republic

 10k and 1 mile

 Multisport event

 First half of September






 Host required






 To be confirmed



 Tenpin Bowling

 To be confirmed

 Possibly Germany


 Six a side football

 To be confirmed

 Possibly Austria



Activities in italics are not yet confirmed.