ECSA Volleyball: Rules of competition (revised May 2014)

1. Unless otherwise stated, current FIVB Volleyball rules shall be used. Any necessary revisions will be notified at the pre-tournament meeting of team captains.

2. The competition and the format shall be the responsibility of the event host organisers.

3. Uniformed numbered shirts are obligatory.

4. The organiser shall provide the referees.

5. Match balls shall be provided by the hosts and shall be Mikasa MVP2000, Mikasa MVA200 or Molten. It shall be the responsibility of participating teams to provide their own training balls.

6. Teams are allowed a squad of up to ten players, plus one team organiser. Only one pre-designated team per member country shall be permitted to progress to the knockout stages of the competition.

7. The referee’s decision shall be final in all matters of fact and judgement.

8. The decision of the tournament organisers shall be final in all matters relating to the application of the rules of volleyball and in any other matter relating to the tournament not covered above.

9. Neither ECSA nor the event organiser shall be responsible for any injuries suffered by competitors or spectators. It shall be the responsibility of particpants themselves to arrange appropriate insurance cover.

10. The height of the net shall be 243cm for men’s and mixed events and 224com for women’s events.

11. In the group stage, each team shall play each other team once. Teams shall gain one point for each set won.

12. In the event of two or more teams finishing with the same number of points, those teams shall be ranked by the positive difference in set points. If two or more teams have the same difference in set points, they shall be ranked by the results in the matches between those teams, the winning team being ranked higher. If rankings still cannot be determined, those teams involved shall play a single point and the winner shall be ranked higher.

13. The teams placed first and second in the group stages shall qualify for the final, the teams placed third and fourth shall play for third place, the teams placed fifth and sixth shall play for fifth place and so on.

14. Matches shall be played using the rally scoring system, in which a point is scored on every serve. Group stage games shall consist of two sets, the first team scoring twenty-five points and having at least a two-point advantage over its opponents winning the set. The finals shall be played on the same basis but over five sets.

15. Teams may use one (1) libero per set. Teams must name the libero to the referee.

16. Teams may use six (6) substitutes per set.

17. Teams shall have a minimum of two females on court at all times.

18. The tournament jury shall consist of a representative of the organising country and one designated representative of each competing Member State.