The European Customs Sports Association Fitness Week was first introduced in 2017, when it was the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the ECSA.

Fitness Week 2018 is coming up very soon. First week of the month of September (3 – 9 September 2018) is the action week. ECSA encourages colleagues in your respective Administration to undertake any kind of sports activities at this given time. It doesn’t need to be anything sophisticated you can for instance use stairs instead of an elevator to reach your office or walk to your office instead of taking a car or a public transport any day in that week or all week. 

A photography competition for the best Fitness Week picture will also take place. Instructions about how to participate at the photo competition is sent to each member countries. Pictures from this years photo competition are here.  

Last year Denmark, Czech Republic and Sweden were winners of photo competition. 

 fitness week dk fitness week se

fitness week cz

Have a look at all the pictures of competition at gallery.

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