UK Revenue and Customs Sports and Leisure (RCSL) organize the ECSA Mountain Bike Cycling Championship in the United Kingdom between Thursday 11th May and Saturday 13th May 2023.

Registration is open up to 17th of March 2023. Contact your ECSA representative if you want to participate.

mountain biking

The ECSA event will run concurrently to the UK RCSL event which consists of Regional Team MTB Championships (for teams of 2 or 3 riders with the top 2 scores per team counting). Individual riders can be paired with a UK participant and a singles competition will also take place at the championship and standard distances for individual competitors.  

Event format (subject to final confirmation):

The main championship event is 55km with 1626m of elevation, with up to an estimated 70% totally ‘off-road’ (time 7 hours maximum).  

The shorter standard distance event is 34km with 1209m elevation, with up to an estimated 68% off-road (time around 5 ½ hours maximum).  

This year we also invite novices and new to Mountain Biking a Customised Course to ‘have a go’. The main course is just 18km, with the option of a flatter loop to bring the total up to 26km. The time limit is 5 hours 30 minutes, so more than ample. This is for fun and not a team competition. But you’ll be grouped to ensure you have a buddy for the ride.

There is hire shop very close to the start of the event, so you don't have to bring your own. More info at

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