GER-ECSA Düsseldorf


  • Fitnessweek on 2017-Sep-12 18:03:10 Fitnessweek said

    Every year the "summit strikers" of the General Customs Authority office Düsseldorf take their time on the first weekend of September to do a several-day hut tour in the Alps. This year the destination was the Inntaler Höhenweg, where this photo was taken.
    For them, the sport "hiking" is a great opportunity to spend time together in the year, which often comes too short in everyday business. Especially since all of them on the picture have different tasks in the customs administration: Whether house services, paying office inspection, work, health and radiation protection, IT or motor vehicle work - they are indeed all exotics of customs administration and everyone has HIS task, but on the mountain they all have a common goal and together they reach it - as here on the way to the Rosenjoch at an elevation of approx. 2800 m. A basic idea which is happily still lived in the customs administration - only as a COMMUNITY you get further and higher :) And what’s more beautiful than to realize these basic ideas in sports?

    Customs: many tasks - one GOAL!