DE 01

German entry for the photocompetition - Runners meeting of the General Customs Directorate in Neustadt an der Weinstraße!

Once or twice a week runners from the General Customs Directorate in Neustadt an der Weinstraße come together to cover a few kilometers together in the nearby forest. Throughout the year, the runners meet each other after work to have fun together.

When heard about the E.C.S.A. Fitness Week, the enthusiasm was great, to let run their run activities in this specific week under the banner of E.C.S.A.

Said and done!

Quickly a camera was organised, the "flags" brought into the forest and some souvenir photos were taken.
After the sweaty unit, the running exercise found its end in the nearby pub “Waldschenke”, where the evening ended with cold drinks in a cozy round.

Since everyone had a lot of fun, they decided to join the E.C.S.A. Fitness week again next year.


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