The Czech Republic has gone through many changes since the accession to the European Union in May 2004. The Czech Customs Authority has also had to undergo significant reorganization since accession. Since then we no longer have any EU-external border except the international airports in Prague, Brno and Karlovy Vary. With this historic change the number of employees of Czech Customs has been reduced dramatically from 9700 in 2003 to 6800 at present. However Czech Customs still has a very important role and has in fact gained new non fiscal responsibilities, such as enforcement of environmental regulations on imported goods, controls on employment of illegal immigrants, controls on cross-border truck transport regulation, and many other additional responsibilities.

Sports activities held by the Czech Customs Authority

There are many sports activities organized each year, some of them organized on a regional level and some on the national level. Some of the most popular are:

Shooting * Running * Football * 6-a-side-football* Tennis * Cycling * Table Tennis * Volleyball * Football-Tennis

The Czech Customs Authority and ECSA

Since our membership in ECSA we have been regularly participating in the half-marathon of Brussels, in the marathon in Kosice, Slovakia, in the shooting competition in Hungary, in the table tennis competition in Poland and in the 6-a-side football competition.
We ourselves have successfully hosted competitions in cycling, running, shooting, table tennis, 6-a-side and competitions of customs drug-searching dogs. For more information please click on ?EVENTS? (upcoming and previous) at the top of the page.

World Police & Fire Games

Czech Customs sends a team of sportsmen and women to this event every two years and our officers have achieved very good results in many disciplines.


ECSA representative

Jan Hlinka

Jan Hlinka,
President of ECSA

Gen. Directorate of Customs, Int. dept.
Budejovicka 7
CZ - 140 96 Praha
Czech Republic

Tel: 00420 261332134
GSM: 00420 724496176
Fax: 00420 261332130
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  • Basketball - Mens
  • Cross Country
  • Cycling - Street
  • Pistol
  • Pocket Billiards
  • Road Race
  • Ski-ing
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
  • Walking