In Denmark where the public sector is financed by taxes and duties, the tax system and its administration play a crucial role. Without the combination of solid tax rules on the one hand and the collection and steady flow of revenues on the other, it is not possible to provide the revenues that form the foundation of the public service of the Danish State, regions and municipalities.

This means that the tax system and the way it is administrated are essential for the successful performance of all other public sector core tasks. In other words, the Ministry of Taxation helps to provide the foundation for financing of the public sector in Denmark.

Each year, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration collects close to DKK 1,000 billion for financing of the public sector. This work requires significant expertise, as the tax legislation and practices are comprehensive and regulate a vast number of highly complex areas. It requires a robust IT system, legal and financial expertise and the capacity to manage complex processes and data.

Apart from the Department, the Ministry of Taxation consists of nine specialized agencies each responsible for their own core tasks. Agencies are as follows

  • Danish Tax Agency
  • Danish Customs and Tax Administration
  • Danish Gambling Authority
  • Tax Appeals Agency
  • Danish Debt Collection Agency
  • Danish Customs Agency
  • Danish Property Assessment Agency
  • Danish Motor Vehicle Agency
  • Administration and Services Agency
  • IT and Development Agency

The agencies have offices spread over 26 locations in Denmark.

At the time being around 7.5000 are employed in the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, and this will in the next few month increase till around 8.000.

In the Danish Customs and Tax Administration we have a Customs Sports Club, SKAT Fritid & Idraet,, which is member of ECSA.

The purpose of the club is through place of work and the family

  • To increase interest for sports, exercise and any other cultural business during spare time
  • To manage financial means, which is given to the club and through activity and informal gathering
  • To encourage the god spirit at the place of work.

The Customs Sports Club is the national sports club, which has 26 local member clubs.  There are around 4.500 members of the local member clubs.


ECSA representative


Winnie Wolf Andersen
Danish Customs and Tax
Lerchesgade 35
DK – 5000 Odense C

Tel.: 0045 72 38 76 38
Mobile: 0045 22 70 18 07
E-mail: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

ECSA Treasurer

Svend Mandel Hansen

Svend Mandel Hansen

Administration and Services Agency of the Danish Ministry of Taxation
Østbanegade 123 
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Tel: 0045 72376638
GSM: 0045 20765128
E-mail: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.


  • Angling
  • Badminton
  • Bowling - Ten Pin
  • Cycling - Street
  • Darts
  • Soccer
  • Floorball
  • Golf
  • Orienteering
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Walking
  • Fitness