The National Customs Sports Association (in French A.S.N.D.) was created on September 24th 1991 and its statutes were registered at the Prefecture of Paris on October 23rd 1991.

1) Principles of ASND
1. Furthering the practise of sports in general within the French Customs Administration.
2. Supporting and encouraging the Customs high level sportmen/women.
3. Helping local and regional sports associations.
4. Organizing national and international events.
5. Helping affiliated clubs.
6. Taking part in the European framework of ECSA.
7. Furthering and coordinating the relationship with the ATSCAF (touristic, cultural and sports association for all French financial administrations).

2) Permanent goals of ASND
1. Federating the whole Customs sports associations.
2. Energizing the network of regional correspondants (there is one in each Customs Regional Direction).
3. Collecting the subscriptions.
4. Bringing the financial aid needed by the affiliated clubs.
5. Supporting the associations exceptional projects.
6. Communicating with all of Customs officers :
- distribution of leaflets to the trainees of the two French Customs Schools (Tourcoing and La Rochelle).
- offering a modern electronic sports social media network on our dedicated website:
- offering great sports products at the ASND shop
A permanent office has been set up at the National Customs school of Tourcoing (END).

Around 45 local sports customs associations are members of ASND representing around 3.500 Customs officers and 20 different sports. Therefore, around 20% of the overall number of French Customs officers are members of our Association, many more being of course involved in sports outside the force.

3) Our sports ambitions

- Using sports as a social link for the Customs community: mass sports like cross-country running, sixte football, tennis tournament, veterans’ trophy,
- Developing historically professional related sports for the Border Force: shooting, running or ski competitions for example,
- Supporting educational actions or messages around sports,
- Participating in international sports event,
- Supporting high level sport: 35 high level sporstmen/women constitute the "Equipe de France DOUANE" and represent our Administration in major sports events including winter and summer Olympics (Fencing, Judo, Skiing, Snowboarding and Athletics)

ASND, Association, Sportive, Nationale,douanes


ECSA representative


Cédric Orgeret

Direction des relations internationales
11 rue des deux communes
93558 Montreuil

Tel: 0033 0157534670
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  • Badminton

  • Biathlon

  • Disabled sports section (Handisport)

  • Crossfit

  • Cycling

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Pelota

  • Rowing

  • Running - Trail

  • Rugby

  • Ski-ing

  • Shooting

  • Table Tennis

  • Tennis

  • Triathlon

  • Volleyball

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