Welcome to the Irish page of the ECSA Website.

Ireland is happy to be a member of ECSA and we enjoy meeting and competing with colleagues from other countries in Europe.

The Irish Customs service is part of the Irish tax and customs service, the Revenue Commissioners. There are around 6,600 staff in the Irish Revenue including tax, customs, collection, computer and administrative officials. The ratio is about 50/50 between women and men and the average age of the average Irish Revenue official is 35.
We work in a relatively small and changing country and there are also big changes taking place within the Revenue organization. Our customs service was successfully integrated with the general Revenue service and many customs officers are now working closer than ever before with their tax colleagues across a range of fiscal fronts.

Sport is an important part of social life in Revenue and people look forward to the events where they get out of the office and have some fun with their colleagues. The main sports we enjoy on a nation-wide basis are football, athletics and golf, both for women and men.
We participate regularly in ECSA events such as the biannual six-a-side-football. The Four Days Marches in the Netherlands, the Brussels 20k and ECSA marathons.
We also participate in the Lupton Cup one-day football tournament for men and women that is contested by teams from Customs & Revenue services from Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Our colleagues have made many useful contacts with counterparts from other administrations through sporting contacts.


ECSA representative

Mick OHanlon

Mick O'Hanlon

Stamp Duty Dublin Castle,
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  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
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