This is the Swedish page of the ECSA Website. There is a long tradition of sports among the officers of the Swedish Customs. Therefore it is a great pleasure to be a member in ECSA and to be able to participate in various European sports events.

Before we get into the presentation of our sports activities, let us give You some facts about the Swedish Customs administration. There are approximately 2 000 employees in the service, including both officers in uniform working with border control as well as back-office staff and customs auditors. Swedish Customs only deal with trade of goods from non-EU countries, restrictions related to that and of course the collection of customs duties and taxes originating from that kind of trade.

Now, let us not talk about work anymore. This page is intended to be used for the presentation of sport activities and so it will be. Swedish Customs sports activities take place both on a local basis as well as on a national one. There are also some international events that we have participated in, some of which has been made possible thanks to the membership in ECSA. The main sports for Swedish Customs are football (soccer), golf, bowling and floorball.

Domestic sports

In Sweden, we organize national competitions in a number of sports every year. The competitions are facilitated financially by the Swedish Customs National Sports Club (in Swedish: Tullens Idrotts- och Skytteförbund) but arranged in all practical matters by a local Customs Sports Club. On a normal year we have national competitions in football, golf, bowling and Football.
Beside the national competitions there are a lot of local activities. Most local sports clubs participate in different company series, others arrange sports activities on their own. Several of the local activities are on a regular basis, for example The Lion golf Competition. This is a golf competition between the Customs offices in Stockholm and the one at Arlanda airport. Taking that title is very prestigious and it reflects, in a positive way though, some of the traditional overall competition between the two offices.

International sports

Many local customs sports clubs have had an exchange with foreign customs sports clubs for many years. Often this exchange has come out of contacts made in the line of duty, for example cooperation in relation to an international ferry line. In recent years the international activities has increased, partly as a result of the ECSA membership. For several years Swedish Customs has had a sailing team participating in the ECC (Europol Coppers Cup) sailing competition in Holland and since we became members in ECSA, Swedish Customs officers is participating in a lot of the different activities offerd by the ECSA- countries.

Even in some of our national competitions there has been an international representation. One year the football competition in Karlstad a Latvian team participated. Swedish Customs National Sports Club has decided that there can be international representations participating in the competitions if the arranging sports club gives its permission.

Presenting international sports without mentioning World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) would be incorrect. This gigantic event attracts about 8 000 law enforcement and fire fighting officers from all over the world, who compete in more than 65 different sports (where track & fields were only one!) Swedish customs officers have participated in the games on and off since 1999 and made a remarkable effort resulting in several medals, even a couple of gold ones actually.
Between the sports activities and during the competition’s ever ongoing fiesta, many appreciated contacts were made with fellow officers from abroad.

Other kind of Swedish Customs sports activities in the international arena are the training camps held in Spain (Mallorca or inland) every spring. Since Sweden has quite a long winter, our golf players have to go south for training. For the last few years about six to eight players have done this and they seem very pleased with the result of it. So far they haven’t played any others during the camps but if that could be arranged it would surely be something extra to look forward to.

As You can see there are several opportunities to compete against Swedish Customs officers, in Sweden or abroad. We sincerely believe that the contacts made in sports effect also our work in a strongly positive way.  To be able to have fun together and make friends across the borderlines may very well be the key to success when it comes to cooperation in our work. We would therefore very much like to hear about sports events in any country where we can participate. And if You are thinking of coming to Sweden please contact us and we will do my very best to present You with the sports activity that You have wished for. We can not give You another World Police & Fire Games but I can assure You that we can set You up with a team of football-, golf-, bowling- players that will give You a really good game.


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