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The Netherlands is a member ever since the foundation of ECSA in 1992.
The Dutch customs administration changed a lot when the border controls on the east (Germany) and on the south (Belgium) disappeared. After a reorganisation in 1993 the Dutch customs became, together with 5 other divisions, a independent division within the revenue.

The 4 days marches of the city of Nijmegen:
Every year in July the city of Nijmegen is crowded by tens of thousands walkers from all nations. Among them there are a lot of Dutch customs officers. The Dutch customs is participating every year in this international event. The Director of Dutch customs invites 5 customs officers from every European country to participate in the Four Days Marches from the city of Nijmegen.
In 2010 this event will take place for the 94th time. The customsteam will take part for the 52nd time.
Men under 50 years old have to walk 50 km a day and women and men older than 50 have to walk 40 km a day. On the last day there is a festive entry in the city of Nijmegen. Along the road there are a lot of spectators and the event is broadcasted on national TV.
Last year about 47.000 participants were registered, among whom were about 150 Dutch customs officers, as well as representatives of foreign customs services from Aruba, Belgium, Curacao, England, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czech republic, Turkey and Sweden. It would be nice to welcome other European countries the coming years in order to complete the European Customs meeting during the marches of the city of Nijmegen. 

Sport activities: Walking (the Nijmegen four day marches)


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