6 A Side Rules

1. The FIFA laws of the game shall apply unless otherwise stated.

2. Pitch dimensions: 50m X 35m inc. goal size of 2m high by 5m long with a goalkeeping area extending 10m from the goal line.

3. Each squad shall consist of up to ten players, only six of whom plus any one substitute may play in any one match. Substitution may take place at any time providing play has stopped with the referee’s permission. The number of substitutions made during a match shall not be limited. A player who has been replaced may return to the pitch as a substitute for another player. Any of the other players, or substitutes, may change places with the goalkeeper. The following conditions must be observed:

• the referee must be informed before the change is made;
• the change may only be made during a stoppage in play.

4. Teams shall provide a match ball and a set of coloured shirts or be prepared to play in alternative kit as required. All match shirts must have numbers on the back, numbers will be allocated to an individual player for identification purposes throughput the tournament.

5. Prior to the commencement of the tournament the organisers shall decide the duration of matches but games shall be two halves of at least ten minutes except for the semi-finals and final which shall be two halves of at least fifteen minutes.

6. After a goal the game shall be restarted from the centre spot.

7. There shall be no offside.

8. All free kicks to be direct and ‘throw-in to be taken by foot.

9. Captains shall toss for choice of ends. Each half shall commence with a kick-off.

10. In the group matches, three points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. Group winners (and runners-up if time permits) shall go forward to the knockout stages.

In the event of two or more teams being level on points at the conclusion of the group matches, places in the knockout stages shall be decided in the following order:

• the team with the superior goal difference shall go through;
• in the event of identical goal difference, the team scoring more goals shall go through;
• in the event of identical goal difference and goals scored, the team having the superior record in matches between the teams who are level on points shall go through;
• if teams still cannot be separated, a method of random chance selection shall be employed.

Matches drawn at the knockout stage shall be decided by a penalty shoot-out. The six players remaining on the pitch at the end of the match shall be those who will take part in the penalty shoot out. Should the teams still be equal after six penalties have been taken, the shoot out shall continue on a "sudden death" basis.

11. Discipline.

Any player who receives a caution during the competition shall be automatically suspended from playing in the next match that their team are involved in.

Any player who receives two cautions in two separate matches during the competition shall be suspended from the next match that their team is involved in.

Any player sent off during the competition shall be automatically banned from playing in the next two matches that their team is involved in unless it is for violent conduct when a ban for the remainder of the competition will be imposed.

Referees are asked to inform the organisers of any such incidents.

Additionally, the following will apply in the ladies tournament.

• Team organisers shall report to the tournament organiser at least thirty minutes before the start of their first match. 
• In order that the tournament proceeds to time, teams MUST be at their allotted pitch at the time stated.